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The Enchanted Collection MP3


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A special collection of albums in mp3 format that will take you on enchanting journey’s into faerie and other magical realms.

Albums included:

  • Through The Faerie Portal
  • Enchanted
  • The Wheel of Fortune



Through the Faerie Portal
Seven years in the making, Through the Faerie Portal is the latest offering from Karen Kay and Michael Tingle.
A natural evolution from their ‘Enchanted’ album, this DOUBLE album takes the listener on a magical journey through the faerie portal and directly into fairyland! A place where dreamers dream and magic is a natural occurrence. With inspiration from Karen’s relative, the fairy poet and author Walter De La Mare, and W.B. Yeats, you are certain to be enchanted for an hour in human time, or a hundred years in fairy time!
Recorded & Mixed by Michael Tingle at the Moon & Sky Mobile Recording Studio, and Mastered by John Cornfield in Cornwall, UK. All music is performed by Michael Tingle and Karen Kay with musical contributions from Pavlina Bastlova (Recorder), Alyssa Lynch (Violin) and backing vocal on ‘Round The Root Now’ from Samayan Kay. The Cover photography is by Danniella Jaine, with Celtic border frame by Michael Tingle, and additional photo-editing by Karen Kay.

Spellbinding faerie music entwining beautiful melodies, enchanting vocals breathing life into the heart of faerie lovers everywhere.
10 beautifully crafted faerie songs singing of love and magic in the faerie realm.
Spanning time and touching the soul between the worlds at twilight’s veil.
Be carried away into the heart of enchantment, to the heart of the fae.

Wheel of Fortune
The stunning new album from Celtic Deep, journey into mystery music.
“A completely unique esoteric musical journey into the wisdom of ages” – Papus
Music by Michael Tingle
Vocals by Karen Kay
Guest vocal recital
by Cara Bamford
Words by Karen Kay
Produced, arranged & mixed
by Michael Tingle
Mastered by Simon Heyworth
at Super Audio Mastering


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