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Healing with Your Spirit Guide - Karen Kay


Healing with Your Spirit Guide, by Karen Kay with music by Neil H Allow yourself to open to the healing power of light with the help of your spiritual guide.

Take a journey across the water to a peaceful wooded haven where you can totally relax and allow your mind, body and spirit to recharge and heal in a sunny peaceful environment. Hear birds and see butterflies as they join you in your guided healing meditation journey, and absorb the positive healing messages during the affirmations at the end of this unique CD. This meditation has been devised by Karen Kay to enhance your own natural healing abilities, and will help you to relax and experience inner peace, in the safe space of your personal inner sanctuary with the protection of your spiritual guide.

The music on this CD was composed by the creator of the best selling album ‘Secrets of Faeries’; Neil H and was first released on Medwyn Goodall’s record label.


If you have already enjoyed ?Meditation and Visualisation? by Karen Kay then don?t hesitate in picking up ?Healing With Your Sprit Guide?. Take all the virtues of the previous CD and blend them with the musical genius of Neil H and the combined result is a breathtaking and empowering journey through your minds eye to a place of beauty, contentment and confidence. Few words can be spoken to sufficiently give an impression of the depth and influence of this CD, my advice to anyone would be set aside some personal time and experience the wonders of Karen?s meditations set to Neil H?s soothing music for yourself“. By Peter Alexander King, Bristol, UK

I think this is an absolutely beautiful CD, I use it on a regular basis and find it so relaxing, the feel-good factor is exceptional. Karen has a beautiful voice, accompanied by music which lulls you into relaxing completely, a real feeling of inner peace and refreshment. I would just like to say a very big thank you Karen, I look forward to your next CD with anticipation. Regards – Lesley, UK


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