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The Fairy Collection MP3


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A special collection of albums in mp3 format for connecting to your inner fairy and the realm of the faeries.

Albums included:

  • Manifesting With The Faeries
  • Fairy Magic 3 Wishes
  • Fairy Door Meditation



Manifesting with the Faeries
Karen Kay, ‘The Fairy Lady’, shares some techniques on how to manifest with the faeries of love and light during this peaceful and relaxing guided visualisation and meditation.
Faeries are magical beings, and magic is an everyday occurrence in fairyland! When you connect with your fairy guide anything is possible, for the highest good of all.
Track one: Karen’s calming voice will lead you through a visualisation journey where you will experience the magic of the fairy realm.
Track two: Contains the music only, which can be played for healing; general relaxation, or meditation.

Fairy Magic 3 Wishes
A guided meditation journey. Allow the magical healing powers of the fairies to gently heal you during this guided meditation journey by Fairyologist and author Karen Kay.
Meet with the fairy queen who will grant you 3 wishes for the highest good of all. The enchanting fairy flute, is played by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, to the gentle background music created and played by producer Michael Tingle.

Fairy Door Meditation
Join Karen Kay, The Fairy Lady, in this magical Fairy Door mini-meditation.
Experience the ancient wisdom of the fairy tree, and meet with a fairy queen who will lead you during this gentle yet powerful ‘Fairy Door’ experience, lasting 10 minutes. An enchanting and uplifting fairy experience.


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