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FAE issue 40 Winter 2017

The winter 2017 edition of FAE looks at women in armour, and includes stunning photographic art from Lillian Liu, and Sheridan’s Art, plus the new limited edition Terry English calendar with photography from John Mason. Our cover features the beautiful Alex Christine wearing Fiori Couture, photographed by Yiaz Yang. We showcase the limited edition ‘Labyrinth’ fashion collection from Black Milk Clothing in collaboration with the Jim Henson Company. The Fairytale Traveler visits The Dark Crystal exhibition in Atlanta and interviews Brian & Wendy Froud. ‘Mirror Mirror’ Photography by Ana Isabel featuring Rouge Pony.

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Former assistant editor Bryony Whistlecraft exclusively share photographs from her new project, ‘Mooredge in the Mist’ and features some very magical mushrooms! We welcome new fairy yoga columnist, Rebecca Broomfield. Flavia Kate-Peters takes us on a Wishing Well meditation with the mer-faeries, and the Gardening Angel Trixie Belles shares her harvest with a delicious winter warming recipe (vegan and organic of course!). Beauty expert, Atlantis Fae tells us how to transform into a unicorn using make-up and magic! The Fairy Fashionista shares part 3 of the worldwide Fairy Wing Guide in the final part of this series. Plus much more than you can shake a fairy wand at in this wonder-full winter edition of FAE.

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