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FAE issue 19 summer 2012

In our summer issue of FAE! The faeries are fluttering around in preparation for one of the most magical times of the faery year – Midsummer! And we are most excited to feature Charleze Theron on the cover as she embraces her role as the wicked queen in Snow White and the Huntsman. We have 15 pages dedicated to Faerie fashion from designers, Pixie Wagner, Jules Newman of Ghoulias Peculias, Daisy Viktoria and Linda Ravenscroft! Plus a feature on UK Faery Festivals, and our worldwide faerie events diary. There are lots of exciting things in store for the Froud’s this year, so ‘read all about it’ in our Fairy News pages!

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We welcome Cecile Dubuis and Simon Satori as they review the Gala Nocturna event. Ceri Norman has written a fantastic article on Midsummer, whilst Flavia-Kate Peters leads us in a flower Faery meditation. Elizabeth-Jane-Baldry brings us to the conclusion of her search for the Fynoderee, and Felicity Fye Le Fay helps us to hear our ‘Faery Calling’. Hannah Titania shares her beautiful poetry, and Doreen virtue pulls another card from her magical fairies oracle deck. Bryony Whistlecraft continues with her tales from the Ancient Isles. Faerie Whisperer ‘Aurora’ shares her knowledge of the Elemental Masters, and Kitchen Faery, Sharon Williams, cooks up a storm in the kitchen. Plus much much more for your faery delight.

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