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FAE issue 32 autumn 2015

Inside this issue, we have an interview with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night of Blackmore’s Night as they chat about the release of their new album ‘All Our Yesterdays’. There’s also an interview with sculptress, ‘Woodsplitter’ Lee Cross. We look at W.B Yeats and the hosting of the Sidhe with Gary & Ruth Colcombe, and the Fairytale Traveller goes in search of Narnia on the trail of C.S. Lewis. Ceri Norman explores Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Wendy & Brian Froud’s Faery’s Tales return with CatBell and Faery B! Michael Virtue tells us that ‘Real Men Believe in Fairies’! Whilst Radleigh Valentine gives us the first glimpse and a reading from the new Fairy Tarot co-authored by Doreen Virtue.

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We have the second instalment of Laura Daligan’s Faerie Animals article. We take a musical journey though ‘Fairyland the Musical’ by new assistant Editor Cara Bamford. We welcome new Beauty columnist, Atalanta Bluff, and flavia Kate-Peters takes us on a Mabon Magic meditation journey. Natasha Rawlings shows us Yin Yoga, and Solaris Fairy Astrology tells us what?s in store for the autumn months. Felicity Fyr Le Fay tells us the a Selkie’s Tale, and we take a peek at Faery Festivals, 3 Wishes and Sparkle Fairy reviews Faerieworlds. Fashion is Pretty in Pink, plus fairy news, world fairy diary dates and more! So this issue of FAE will guide you though the autumn months and fulfil your faery needs!

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