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FAE issue 11 summer 2010

Inside this jam packed issue we have articles from some of the worlds leading authors and artists, including Brian and Wendy Froud. We are very excited to welcome Doreen Virtue to the FAE team for the launch of her regular Fairy column. Artist Tytania Fairy has transformed Doreen into a magical Mer-Fairy, and is featured on the cover of this sizzling summer edition. You could also win a magical portrait worth ?1,000 by fantasy artist Helen Wells.

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Brian and Wendy Froud tell us all about their latest creation, The Heart of Faerie Oracle in a special FAE interview. Plus articles from Orion Foxwood, Lucy Cavendish, Sally Morningstar, Caiseal Mor, Felicity Fyr Le Fay, Flavia-Kate Peters, and many more! Sarah Sudcowsky explores her love of Faeries and crystals in an interview featuring her unique artwork. Lucy Cavendish investigates the unsolved case of the faery abduction of Reverend Robert Kirk. Sally Morningstar and Casieal Mor both explore royal Faerie realms whilst Red the Fairy shows us how to create a Faery crown. Louise Heydon shows us how to work with garden Faeries and heal with the flower faeries, then Flavia-Kate Peters takes us on a magical midsummer meditation journey. Fabulous and unstoppable Felicity Fye Le Fay delves into practical Faery magic and gives us a few tips to try for ourselves., and Bryony Whistlecraft explores the origins of Faerie in another trip to the ancient isles. Marianne Mathiasen has created another exclusive paper doll for FAE, called the Enchanted Garden Party, and don?t forget to check out the comprehensive Fairy Diary for Faerie events and gatherings this summer, or browse the FAE Marketplace for lot?s more exciting goodies for the faery shopper.

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Weight 188 g

Faerie sized 170mm x 240mm (B5) full colour foil embossed magazine.


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