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FAE issue 34 spring 2016 PDF

In this spring edition of FAE we honour the magical memory of David Bowie, with eight pages of ‘all things Jareth’ from Brian and Wendy Froud and some exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs looking at the costumes from ‘Labyrinth’?. Author Lucy Cavendish also shares her thoughts on David Bowie, Faery King. We look at faerie lovers & magic charms, and explore five fairytale gardens. Atlantis Fae shares her spring time beauty ideas, with a section of cruelty free vegan products.



Continuing with faery glamour, there is plenty of faerie fashion in this edition, with lots of colourful and romantic styles worthy of the most fashion conscious fae! With offerings from TPF Faerie Wear, and a new bridal collection from Izzy Ivy. Cassie Fuertez photographs costume designer and model Jessica Dru, and Vanessa Walton of Creature of Habit, both wearing wings by Fancy Fairy Wings & Things. There’s even fashion for faerie feet courtesy of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ from Irregular Choice, and to top it all off (literally) with some colourful Spirit Hoods. We go ‘down under’ to see how Australian faeries celebrate, and then we travel east with Felicity Fyr Le Fay who brings us some faery tales of mother India. Laura Daligan investigates the Antlered Goddess, and Natty Lotus Flowers shows us how to activate our inner sparkle! Solaris shares her spring Fairy Astrology, and Flavia-Kate Peters leads us in a world healing visualisation meditation with the Sylphs.

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