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  • Flavia Kate Peters - Faery Godmother workshop

    The Faery Godmother has been around since the birth of magic itself and is a force to be reckoned with. She presents powers of extremity in the highest form, and presides over our destiny as she spins her web of fate. Empowerment is Her gift and she offers the chance for new life, new beginnings and changes through the magical act of transcendence. She reminds you that disbelief destroys one's inner mystic and power. Time to reclaim your birthright!


  • Illustrated talk and screening with William Todd Jones

    On Saturday 11th March at the Faery Fayre in Glastonbury Todd will be giving a 90 min illustrated talk with Q&A, and a screening of Toby Froud's ‘Lessons Learned’. William “Todd” Jones is a master of character creation, with a thirty five year history as a performer, puppeteer & movement consultant at the high end of film, television & theatre.


  • Beltane Faery Blessing, Meditation & Celebration at St. Nectans Glen

    We have been granted special private access to celebrate Beltane at the magical waterfalls of St Nectans Glen on the morning of Beltane! Monday 1st May! Laura Daligan will be leading the Beltane Faery Blessing, Meditation & Celebration at St. Nectans Glen.


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