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  • Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

    Fairies are nature's powerful guardian angels, and they can miraculously assist you with your self-esteem, relationships, health, and career. With the help of these 44 oracle cards, you can have a deeply personal relationship with the amazing fairy realm.


  • Magical Messages from the Fairies by Doreen Virtue

    This easy-to-use deck of oracle cards is appropriate for beginners as well as those experienced with divination cards.


  • Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

    With its fabulous pictures of unicorns and gorgeous gilt edging, just shuffling this card deck raises your energy. Each card represents a message of pure love from the unicorns for children of all ages, including you!


  • Fairy Readings with Atlantis Fae

    Allow the faeries to answer your question as certified Doreen Virtue Oracle card reader Atlantis Fae offers guidance, wisdom and messages from the Fairy Realm.


  • Fairy Tarot Cards

    A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook, by DOREEN VIRTUE and RADLEIGH VALENTINE


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  • Magical Mermaids and Dolphin Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

    The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards are specifically designed to help you manifest your goals, life purpose, and Divinely inspired dreams.


  • The White Rabbit — Tarot Bag

    A wonderfully evocative print from our own Alice Tarot. This bag features a beautifully printed satin front combined with a silk kimono that we dyed by hand to a great grass-green colour. A great setting for The White Rabbit. This is a limited edition, sewn individually here in Czech Republic.


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  • Daily guidance from your angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

    This 44-card deck (with accompanying guidebook) offers comforting and uplifting messages to set a positive and healing tone for the day. It also functions as a divination tool, as you can ask a question and find the message that gives you guidance and answers.


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  • Fairy Tarot Grand Trumps Lo Scarabeo

    Gain new insights from the fairies--playful, mischievous, and wise nature spirits with much to teach us. The Grand Trumps edition of this popular deck features the major arcana in a larger size.


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