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  • Mermaid Magic by Flavia Kate Peters

    From popular elemental expert and inner mystic, Flavia Kate Peters comes this latest offering. Heart resounding oceanic frequencies and natural sounds of the water’s wildlife combine with powerful words to make this a real elemental meditation CD with a difference. Allow vibrational healing to wash over and through you as you stir the Siren within…


  • Mermaid Meditation CD by Karen Kay

    Mermaid Meditation by Karen Kay, with music by Michael Tingle, and cover artwork by Victor Nizovtsev.


  • Unicorn Magic by Flavia Kate Peters

    ‘Oh Unicorns, so pure and white, I radiate my light tonight, that you may come and shine on me, your true, divine love energy.’


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  • Connecting with your Angels by Doreen Virtue

    The six CDs in this program provide you with step-by-step guidance on ways to work and communicate with the heavenly beings that surround you.


  • Fairies 101 CD by Doreen Virtue

    An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Fairies and Other Elementals.


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  • Fairy Magic by Karen Kay CD

    Fairy Magic 3 Wishes - A guided meditation journey. Allow the magical healing powers of the fairies to gently heal you during this guided meditation journey by Fairyologist and author Karen Kay.


  • Goddesses & Angels by Doreen Virtue

    In this entrancing, true spiritual adventure story you can journey with Doreen Virtue into the powerful healing world of angels, goddesses and ascended masters.


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  • Healing with Your Spirit Guide CD - Karen Kay

    Healing with Your Spirit Guide, by Karen Kay with music by Neil H Allow yourself to open to the healing power of light with the help of your spiritual guide.


  • Rainbow Meditation CD - Karen Kay

    Rainbow Meditation and Star Visualisation. An ideal way to introduce the benefits of total relaxation and peace.


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