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  • Silver Sprite Pendant

    This fully dimensional flirtatious fairy will hang playfully around your neck demonstrating your mischievous nature.


  • Elfin Ears Tips (pair)

    This pair of Elf/Fairy ear tips will add the perfect finishing touch to your Faery Ball or Halloween outfit! Simply place over your own ears and wait for the magic to happen!


  • Fhairy Strands Kit
 with Pixie Pick

    Beautiful sparkling metallic silken threads that tie into your hair. Instructions and pixie pick included.


  • Acorn Faerie Pendant

    Woodland gardeners, the acorn sprites gather and plant the Oak tree’s seeds where they will thrive and so maintain the woodland balance. As allies to humans, they will lend their green fingers to fertility and new beginnings.


  • Elf Heart Faerie Pendant

    The Elven clans, sylvan and shimmering, seal magical charms in garlands of everlasting woodland flowers. They encourage the pure of heart and allow their energy to be summoned for Happiness and Love.


  • Fairy & Unicorn Journal - Realm of Enchantment

    Embossed Journal By Anne Stokes


  • The White Rabbit — Tarot Bag

    A wonderfully evocative print from our own Alice Tarot. This bag features a beautifully printed satin front combined with a silk kimono that we dyed by hand to a great grass-green colour. A great setting for The White Rabbit. This is a limited edition, sewn individually here in Czech Republic.


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  • Fairy Door Key (Faery Key)

    Decorative key design ornament with fairy detail at the top and the text "fairy".


  • Flower Garland Headdress

    Bring out your inner faerie with this delicate flower garland with delicate roses. Brings instant magic to any faerie outfit or event. Suitable for adults and children


  • Polkadot Gloves

    These stretch jersey gloves are charming and sophisticated in an elegant red spotty fabric, with soft jersey lined palms and finished with a tiny velvet bow on the wrist.


  • Polkadot Purse

    This spotty woven fabric coin and card purses is fun, compact and discreet.


  • Polkadot Purse/Bag

    This adorable polkadot purse/bag in jersey fabric is a very useful compact bag for wearing close to the body.


  • Faerie Wing Pendant by Under the Ivy (Exclusive to the FAE Shop)

    Exclusive to the FAE Shop! You wont find this bespoke hand made faerie wing pendent necklace anywhere else! In partnership with Under the Ivy we can offer you this stunning double faerie wing pendant exclusively at The FAE Shop.


  • Fairy Wishing Coins

    'Real' Fairy wishing coins!


  • Flower Rain Poncho

    Flower Rain Poncho is 100% waterproof


  • Fairy Photo Transformation

    Magical Christmas/Yule or Birthday gift idea! Have yourself or a friend/loved one transformed into a virtual fairy or angel!


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