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  • Through The Faerie Portal MP3

    Seven years in the making, ‘Through the Faerie Portal’ is the latest offering from Karen Kay and Michael Tingle.


  • Fairy Door Meditation by Karen Kay MP3

    Join Karen Kay, The Fairy Lady, in this magical Fairy Door mini-meditation.


  • Manifesting With The Faeries MP3 - Karen Kay

    Karen Kay, ‘The Fairy Lady’, shares some techniques on how to manifest with the faeries of love and light during this peaceful and relaxing guided visualisation and meditation. MP3 download version.


  • Mermaids & Mythology PDF issue 2

    The PDF version of Mermaids & Mythology issue 2. Features Mermaid Hannah Fraser on the cover, Mermaids of Atlantis & Lumeria, Aprodite, Goddess of the sea, Mermaid Magic for abundance. Plus mermaid fashion, and stories of mythology and more...


  • Healing Harp Meditation by Karen Kay MP3

    Healing Harp - A guided healing meditation with the angels of light by Karen Kay with Harp played by Christina Tourin.


  • Celtic Deep - The Wheel of Fortune MP3

    The stunning new album from Celtic Deep. OUT NOW in high quality MP3 digital download.


  • Mermaid Meditation MP3 by Karen Kay

    Mermaid Meditation by Karen Kay, with music by Michael Tingle, and cover artwork by Victor Nizovtsev. Instant download.


  • Enchanted MP3 by Karen Kay & Michael Tingle

    Spellbinding faerie music entwining beautiful melodies, enchanting vocals breathing life into the heart of faerie lovers everywhere.


  • Fairy Magic MP3 by Karen Kay

    Fairy Magic 3 Wishes - A guided meditation journey. Allow the magical healing powers of the faeries to gently heal you during this guided meditation journey by Fairy Lady, Karen Kay.


  • Golden Light MP3 - Karen Kay

    The New Age debut album from Karen Kay.


  • Healing with Your Spirit Guide MP3 - Karen Kay

    Healing with Your Spirit Guide, by Karen Kay with music by Neil H Allow yourself to open to the healing power of light with the help of your spiritual guide.


  • Rainbow Meditation MP3 - Karen Kay

    Rainbow Meditation and Star Visualisation. An ideal way to introduce the benefits of total relaxation and peace.


  • Mermaids & Mythology PDF issue 1

    The PDF version of Mermaids & Mythology issue 1. The debut issue features Mermaid Hannah Fraser, the stunning artwork of David Delamare, and coverage of the World Mermaid Awards. Plus mermaid fashion, and stories of mythology and more...


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