Fhairy Strands Kit with Pixie Pick

Beautiful sparkling metallic silken threads that tie into your hair. Instructions and pixie pick included.




The Faerie Goddess Mother says,”One silken thread… Tied to just one hair upon thy head!Wash, comb, or brush (perm, straighten, dye)… The strands shines on til’ that one hair does fly! Can last for months, or just one day, When you lose a hair, who can say? To tie Fhairy Strands in, you need a friend, And then the fun begins!”

We sell 8 varieties of Fhairy Strands: Silver Prism, Rainbow, Gold Prism, Pastel Rainbow, Mermaid Prism, Pink Prism, Ruby Slipper and purple.
Silver Prism: Holographic and beautiful in very pale blonde hair, silver, grey, and white hair and in silver lovers’ hair.
Rainbow: Beautiful jewel tones. Very nice in black and dark brown hair, or any rainbow lover’s hair.
Gold Prism: Holographic strands that are very bright and beautiful in any shade of blonde hair, blonde streaks, and many shades of brown hair.
Pastel Rainbow: Pale tones. Beautiful in all blondes, silver and white hair and children.
Pink Prism: A magical shade of pixie pink! Shimmer and shine as it catches the light!
Ruby Slipper: Bold and daring holographic red, to stand out in the faery crowd.
Purple: Excellent in all hair and especially pretty as highlights in black/dark hair.

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Each pack contains full instructions, a pixie pick and 15 metallic silken strands.

1 review for Fhairy Strands Kit with Pixie Pick

  1. Selene Phoenix

    This is a most amazing hair addition ! Tied properly the strands can stay in through flat ironing and hair coloring !
    I have received compliments from people who are usually conservative in attire. This can be subtle and discreet or shining and statement worthy. I LOVE YOU

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